What Should I Eat? Start here on your way to healthier eating

Congratulations on making it here! Sincerely.

Because you are here you have already made a monumental shift in perspective.

And because you are here you have made the courageous choice to seek guidance.

Or you're just curious. Or bored. Anyway, I hope to be a good steward of your attention and help you steer your ship in a healthier, more balanced direction.

"Do I need a diet to be healthy?"

You might be here looking for a diet. Sorry not sorry, you will not find a diet here. I do not suggest/ascribe to/recommend or otherwise advocate for "diets." By definition a diet is a special, restrictive program for food. Not all diets are "bad" but indeed most of them fail to address the transition to real life after the period of special restriction ends. And thus, our culture has adopted the term "yo-yo dieting." Which is, as studies would have it, pretty detrimental to your long-term health.

What you will find here is a bigger picture perspective of the sane pursuit of healthy eating. I cannot talk specific macros and nutrients because we all have different needs, tastes, and goals. I would need to sit down with each person reading this to address a plan personalized to individual needs. That would be a long post. I won't do that to you. What I will do is discuss some introductory, but deep, questions to consider.

Why do you want to eat healthier?

This question and its multitudinous answers are often overlooked. Dig in here, friends. And cement the why's into your brain by writing them down. Put them someplace you'll see them, someplace special; someplace you might go to quiet your mind, seek inspiration, or recenter on who you are and what you're about.

In truth the answers could be: I want to feel sexy. I want more energy. I want to be a good example to my kids/partner/friends. I want to get off my medications.

Or simply: I need a change.

Those are all fantastic answers. In fact, I don't know that there is a wrong answer. And once you have that answer(s) I encourage you to ask yourself why again. Why do you need a change? Why do you want more energy? It may sound silly but our first answer is rarely our deep answer. And I want you to get to the deep, raw, life-changing answers.

What will be the outcome if you don't eat healthier?

Now some might think this is a negative headspace but I would disagree. I believe that by exploring the "worst case scenarios" we are really focusing our planning efforts in the most beneficial areas. Because it's easy to say what we have to gain in the short-term but it's more powerful to understand what we stand to lose in the long-term by maintaining our status quo. We have to dive deep into our pain points if we want to avoid feeling them over and over again. Example: If I change nothing my high blood pressure may increase and require medication in order to avoid higher risk of stroke, heart disease, etc.

Now this isn't a fictitious scenario -- if you already have hypertension then medication to manage it is a real future possibility. You're not looking at ALL sky-falling scenarios, simply the ones that would naturally occur for you with age and inaction.

Also, sometimes in answering this question we realize that the worst-case scenario is survivable! Sometimes we live in such a place of fear and scarcity that we've paralyzed ourselves into inaction -- so call it out! Address the scary and shine a light on the dark places.

Be patient with yourself.

At first glance this seems to sit in opposition to the Deep Questions/Deep Answers exercise. We just outlined the ways that your health could nose-dive unless you take action! But take a breath, friend. You are doing the work right now. I promise you that mindset is the most important part.

Positive change can't occur without owning, deeply acknowledging, that if we do nothing then nothing changes. That sounds simplistic but it resonates if you sit with it a minute. It won't happen for us. There are no fairy godmothers. We have to sew up our lives as a beautiful adornment to our spirits and get ourselves to that ballroom.

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And as always I'd love to hear how (or if!) this has served you. That's why I'm here. To dance with you through a happy, healthy life.